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Is Civil Government the Only Form of Government?

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When you hear the word “government,” we usually think of the state; the civil government. The State holds a monopoly of terms today; in the politically correct language of the modern day, “government” always refers to the civil government. However, a new line of thought has broken through the programming and mind-control, coursing through and into the minds of men and women all around the world; “Is Civil Government the only form of government?”


A government, or any institution, has five main points:

  • Sovereignty: Who is in charge?
  • Authority: To whom do I report?
  • Law: What are the rules?
  • Sanctions: What will happen if I obey or disobey those rules?
  • Succession: Will this outfit have a future?

Thus, there are several cultural institutions that have these five points in working order; the individual, the family, and the church. These institutions have their own rules, their own guidelines, for their members…

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The Franks and the Transfer of Power

Stephen's School Blog

After the fall of the Western half of the Roman Empire, missionaries from the Roman Church spread out everywhere, converting the barbarian kings and their people to Christianity. Many tribes did so, and one of the leading ones were the Franks. However, this conversion was not very sincere; after the death of Clovis, political disorder and killings were rampant, and the pagan sacrifices were carried out as well, as if they (the Franks) had not even been converted to start with.

At this time, the Merovingian family was in power over the Franks. An ancient family, they bore a lot of prestige, but their name was tarnished by the killing of one another and the general disorder, and the incompetency of the reigning kings. Because of this, the Carolingian family came into power, taking over the office of Mayor of the Palace, and thus held the power of king without…

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New Blog!

I finally have a separate school blog! This means that all of my required Ron Paul Curriculum Essays will be published on that site, but I’ll still re-blog some of them here. I will continue to publish “cool stuph” like thoughts on Christianity, Parkour, Politics, and I’ll still post my Random Cool Pics. May the Truth be with you all!


Gollum Plays Minecraft! -GollumCraft

For all of you Minecraft fans, or even if you just like Lord of the Rings, this is a must see video!


Men O’ War

A video from Isaac Botkin that I watched years ago. Recently found it again, and it brings back memories. Have fun!


Ronnie Shalvis Parkour – Gym

Some of you know my fascination with Parkour. Ronnie Shalvis, professional parkour/free-running athlete and gymnast takes some local gyms to task with a friend. Enjoy! 🙂


Hoth gets Legoed

Hoth gets Legoed

Do Legos get cold?