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Is the Calvin Cycle a Light Dependent Reaction?

calvin cycle


The Calvin Cycle is said to not be dependent on light because it can occur with or without light. However, the fact is, it actually needs light because the molecules that go into the Calvin Cycle and make it happen are formed previously in the light dependent reactions. So, is the Calvin Cycle directly dependent or indirectly dependent on the light dependent reactions?

I’d say it is. First, it would be able to get the molecules it needs to finish creating energy for the plant. On top of that, the plant is dependent on the Sun to provide heat and light to decompose nutrients and molecules to make up the plant to start with. Also, the warmth from the sun makes some areas warmer than others (places in shade will be cooler) making the air move around. This movement may keep the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels normal. Without the sun, plant life would not exist, nor would the carbon cycle.


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