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The Four Freedoms of Franklin D. Roosevelt


Franklin D. Roosevelt in a speech in 1941, stated that there were four freedoms that we should fight for; freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. For years, these “freedoms”, or, “rights”, were used to rally pubic support for war. FDR wanted America to become an “arsenal of democracy” for the Allies in WWII, and he listed the Four Freedoms after the lend-lease bill giving weaponry to Britain.

It sounds good, and it sounds like some noble cause, but, it isn’t. It, instead, is the goal of every statist; to determine what the Four Freedoms mean. They get to legislate this, and then impose through violence and armed force what they have determined to be freedom on other people. Thus, the Empire that America has today, and the corruption and destruction we have at home. Obama-care determines to give everyone healthcare; the government has determined that healthcare is something that everyone has a “right” to, and they’re going to make sure we have it.

Though the end result of the Four Freedoms is what I just mentioned, the proper way to interpret and act upon them would be to see them as true; we all do deserve to take back these freedoms. Our ancestors in America took back the right of free speech, though it is being quickly curtailed by political correctness on every side. They also took back the right to freely take care of ourselves and our wants; not have them provided expensively and poorly by the state (socialism). They also took back the right to not have someone dominate and exert power over and instill fear in them through threat of violence; yet, steadily and slowly, these liberties are being stolen, one by one. We must defend our freedoms, and thus open the way for others to earn theirs, or there will be none left.


2 responses


    Wow – you really bought the corporate line, hook and sinker too.

    Good thing the people who fought that war thought the complete opposite of your groupthink.

    Imagine what would’ve happened in 1941 if they all thought so selfishly and within such narrow, narcissistic confines as you?

    Sprechen sie Deutsch?

    July 19, 2014 at 9:28 pm

    • If by “corporate line” you mean freedom, yes, I totally did. And I’m not letting go.

      If my forefathers had stewarded our country wisely, our country wouldn’t be in piles of debt, millions of men wouldn’t of died in a war they didn’t want to fight in, slaves to the country that claimed to be the freest in the world.

      If this country had been true to its principles, it wouldn’t have formed entangling (military) alliances, and wouldn’t claim ownership of American men and have sent them to be cannon fodder overseas, and our country would be more prosperous, and actually command the respect of nations around the world. Instead, we’re seen as monsters, the literal policemen of the world.

      If the war were just (I’m not arguing it wasn’t), then men would of willingly left their homes, jobs, and sacrificed their time, money, resources, and their own bodies to go fight.

      Freedom has a price, and its a price I am most willing to pay, but it is MY decision to pay that price. As for my article, I merely brought to question the fourth “freedom” proposed by President Roosevelt; the so called “Freedom from want”, which is really just saying that everybody else needs to give up their rights, and have their things stolen by somebody and handed to me, which is what ended up happening. Roosevelt was a big socialist, radical even for his day.

      With all due respect, I really think you should read what I said before you start calling me names.

      BTW, they (meaning the leaders of my country) did think “so selfishly and within such (a) narrow” view when F.D.R spent money and sent lives that weren’t his to spend or send to fight another countries war. America wasn’t threatened, and could have instead called for a stronger defense, instead of angering Japan by blockading them and starving them economically by preventing them from buying oil, and Germany by sending military resources to Great Britain (which is internationally considered an act of war), who were bombing innocent civilians before Hitler even thought of doing the same to the citizens of London (source here:

      Sorry for such a long response, but I wanted to give you a sense of what I was trying to get at. Thank you for your time. Feel free to ask me any more questions, since I know I am unclear in some of my articles.

      And, no, I do not speak German. 😀

      September 10, 2014 at 4:03 pm

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