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Nearer My God to Thee

Great song from the Piano Guys. I recommend you subscribe! They’ve got a lot of fun videos. 🙂

Dave's Blog

A great rendition of Nearer My God to Thee. Definitely worth watching!

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Property Rights as a Clarification of Human Rights

Stephen's School Blog

In today’s universe, people are suffering from a distortion of terms, all in the name of political correctness. People say they support human rights; the right to life, the right to self-defense, the right of free-speech… but, suddenly, lines can seem to get a little blurred. Do people have the right of free-speech in a theater? In a mall? Or on anyone’s private property?

Lets look at this from the viewpoint of the “right to property.” Who owns the local theater? The shopping mall? The people who own that mall or theater. Thus, the people making the decisions are the people who own the property. Its not about “your right to this or that”, its about respecting other people’s property rights, and them respecting yours. You DO have the right to free speech with your property! If you have your own newspaper, you can publish your thoughts freely. No…

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The Ron Paul Curriculum (Performed at a Liberty Meeting)

Perrissa's 9th Grade School Blog

Here is my big 10th Speech. I was nervous, but I think I did a pretty good job overall. I stumbled a few times. 😛

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The Creeper (Creepus Explodus)

The Creeper (Creepus Explodus)

Ever wondered what a Creeper looked like… on the inside? Or what its thinking process was? This explains it all!

The Early Spread of Christianity in England

How Christianity first came to England.

Stephen's School Blog

Shortly after the Emperor Claudius added a big slice of what is now England to the Roman Empire, Christianity began to spread; slowly, as Christians moving around the Empire found their way to the lonely isle that guarded the Empire’s northern Atlantic frontier. But, as the Empire was bombarded by the Barbarians of Southern and Eastern Europe, the Roman Legions withdrew from Britain to defend the now vulnerable Rome. The Britains, who had not fought for centuries, were now forced to face the brunt of the savage Pics and Scots from the untamed North, and the migrating tribes of the Continent. They hired the Angles and the Saxons to protect them from the invaders; but they had only invited the wolf into the pasture. In a few years they had driven out or killed the helpless natives, and had divided up the territory into kingdoms. Some did escape, and brought…

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