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Which is the Greater Promoter of Personal Responsibility?

Which is the greater promoter of personal responsibility? The Free Market, or the Welfare State?


“So it begins. The great battle of our time.” Fought over and over again. For Centuries.

First, lets give the seeming pros of the Welfare State. We take from the Rich (theft) and give it (some, at least) to the poor (usually). The “benefits of this might include seemingly making the rich come to a more even level with the poor, and bring “balance to the Force” in a manner of speaking. This, however, is not the case. It’s more of a bribe. While the rich are crippled, making it so that they cannot take power from the few, top elite, the poor are bribed into continuing the welfare state, until the system collapses. The producers no longer have the capital or the money to produce anymore, and more and more is being drawn in by the state. The system continues to trail along, funneling all available wealth into the hands of a few, until there is none left in the hands of the people. We see this repeated in history; the Romans, all throughout the Medieval Ages, the Soviet Union and the modern day era. This is happening even the United States, slowly, but surely, as people desire the “benefits” of the Welfare State.


The Welfare State gets an F… again.

Now, about the advantages of the Free Market. First, people don’t have “free” money handed down to them, which means that they must earn a living for themselves, which means that there is a large population needing jobs. Without government, or state, interference, the market will create jobs for these people, because, to get a job, people will be willing to work for less. Thus, more money and capital is freed to open up more jobs.

(Note: Like, lets say there is a demand for bicycles. There are people working cheaply at the bicycle factory, and the profits are invested into a young inventors wallet, and he’s just invented the car. Now, there is a bicycle factory, and a car factory. People are hired for more, but quickly, competition between newer car factories opens up, and competition from all the lower paid (compared to the beginning higher wages for the car factory) workers trying to get a job creates more jobs at lower wages between jobs. A company is willing to hire someone for more, and another worker comes in and says he’ll work for less. In the end, it balances out. Bicycles become more expensive because less people want them, and cars become cheaper because more and more people want them. Wealth has just been created that wasn’t there before!)

So, overall, the Welfare State causes less jobs and less creativity, and certainly less personal responsibility. The Free Market can prevent that, but only if it is allowed to work; if it is truly free. So long as that is the case, the Free Market wins out every-time!


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