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Two awesome animations!


Tanki Online!

Join me! And together, we will dominate the battlefield. 🙂


“Join the Pork Side”

Humorous trailer for Star Wars Angry Birds II.

New Laptop… New Publishing Base!


Been working on my brand new Toshiba laptop this morning… just got it Saturday. How do you guys like it? 🙂

May the Truth be with you… always.


This world is MINE! (Part 2)

 So, I’m mining in Minecraft, which is what I’m supposed to be doing anyway. I take a sword, a few pickaxes and nine porkchop, which is supposed to drive away hunger for the next week until my wheat finally grows. I’m sixty blocks beneath the surface, and I begin a new mine-shaft in an attempt to find bedrock, in order to begin the laborious process of resource hunting.

 ImageLook out for the creeper dummy…

 I begin my spiral shaft down, down, down into the deep I go, when suddenly, my all attentive sisters shout, “Look, red light!”

 I look closer, and begin mining towards the light, which a fortunate glitch allows to shine between the blocks of stone that surrounds me like a tomb.

 Suddenly, as a block of stone crumbles beneath Steve’s strokes, we finally see it; sizzling at our feet is a large pool of lava. I begin mining around the obstacle, for I can see redstone shining, tempting my dwarfish instinct to mine it. I finally mine my way around it, when I suddenly emerge into the arms of a zombie! I strike furiously with my pickaxe, and the evil monster falls dead at my feet.



(Skeleton): Quiet!  (Creeper): I didn’t know I was supposed to be quiet. I’m just not supposed to be seen by those we creep. (Skeleton): Here he comes!

At last, I’ve found a rich treasure of gold, emerald, diamonds, redstone, iron, and coal all waiting for me to mine it. After two or three trips into the cavern, resulting in multiple, very exciting and short clashes with creepers, a very dangerous encounter with “baby zombies”, and a stupid spider, I was finally laid low by lava. I hate that stuff. Hours of playing had been wasted. But, at least, I knew not to try that careless mining method again. A lesson that I need to learn every time I play almost.


 Once again, I was faced with the choice: do I quit? Do I look for my stuff, which I’d probably never find? Or do I build a new house and hope for my luck to change. Well, I took the latter course. I now have a beautiful stone walled, wood roofed house with an attic to spare. The only problem is the witch that lives ten sprinting moments away from my house. I haven’t found her yet, but she has it coming to her.

 Minecraft is a challenging game that takes a lot of patience, a lot of skill, mental endurance, and bravery (yes, you do get very, very scared playing). And, you do learn some lessons from it. The above story is real. That was me playing Thursday, August 22, 2013.

 At least, its a game. I get to respawn, unless I’ve picked Hardcore mode (which I haven’t played yet). But, what about the lessons I learned and continue to learn from playing Minecraft?

 For one, patience is the key. It seems to take forever to find bedrock, let alone diamonds or other ore (besides coal). Second, always be on the alert. There never isn’t a time in Minecraft you aren’t in danger. The danger levels vary, depending on day or night, whether or not you are in a shelter, etc; but you need to admit, you are still in danger. Thirdly, always balance the benefit with the downsides. I could mine straight down, and it would bring me to bedrock faster, but what about the ultimate consequences? I could plunge into lava or a cavern, a million other things could happen. Is it worth it?

 That brings us to the ultimate lesson: risk takers must take the risk they face with wisdom, not just knowledge. I take risks every time I move in Minecraft, every time that pickaxe starts moving, every time I engage an opponent. I know about the risks like the back of my hand, but I’m still learning how to react to those risks wisely.

 Be ye crafty, be ye courageous, but remember, its not all gold and diamonds.

Join The Dark Side…Only If You’re Leaving The Room

Oh, and be sure to come back to the light when you return…


Join The Dark Side...Only If You're Leaving The Room

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This world is MINE!


So, you go walking along through your world, axe in hand, innocently chopping down trees, when you hear the twang of a bow from the shadows. You get thrown back by the force of the blow as an arrow lodges in your gut. Taking absolutely no physical damage beyond losing a few hearts, you turn toward where the sound came from. Face it. You are thirty meters away from a skeleton, and there are two creepers between you and the current threat.

You grab your sword, and charge behind a tree just in time. The skeleton then merely advances to where you are and walks out from around it. You hit him wildly and run… where? You’re on the edge of an abyssal cliff. You turn around and, well, the battle begins. You have to hit the skeleton repeatedly, over and over. Finally, you collect the bone and two arrows that he “dropped” and look gloomily at your health, and you see your food bar is drifting toward empty. Suddenly your trained Minecraft ears “see” what your eyes cannot; the all too familiar “ssssss” behind you. You sprint jump, where? Off the cliff. You spawn at your bed, with the pressing need to recover your lost treasure before nightfall.

You have a few options:

(1): Stomp your foot on the ground, bounce off your chair, pitch a minature fit, and uninstall Minecraft from your computer.

(2): Click the escape button, quit and delete that world.

(3): You patiently go back to get your stuff.

(4): You start all over.



Minecraft has taught me some things about patience, about life in general. On multiplayer servers, when your house gets “griefed” or “raided”, you know that they did wrong, and you’re furiously mad. Was it worth all that time to build a big house and show off, when your rivals are going to destroy it? Or do you build an underground fortress that isn’t as pretty but won’t get raided. Do you build a fences to fence in your property or do you instead make ladders so that you can get more resources from deep within the “earth”? Your time and resources are suddenly worth something.

I’ve told myself, “What I learn from this I should apply to my real life circumstances.” So the next time I get blown sky high, I’ll tell myself to be more careful and less carefree about my coming and goings. Maybe have a lit tunnel going to the nearest forest with a shelter at the other end? Real life principle: Expect the unexpected and make the best out of it.