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Booker T. Washington and the Future

000520Booker T. Washington had amazing success; so much success, he had an entire college (Tuskegee College), with hundreds of students,  was given an honorary degree from Harvard, and had the President (President McKinley) come visit his college.  In his autobiography, Up From Slavery, Mr. Washington had a vision; for blacks to have the same opportunities as  whites, or any other race, and that all races can one day be equal, and any individual could aspire, by their own physical labor, make something out of their lives. Even though it took over 50 years for his dream to begin to come true, I believe that his view of the future is similar to mine. I hope a future where there will be no race, no group of persons, no one person dominating over any other race or persons. I, like Mr. Washington, have faith that this will one day be reality.