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Alternative Return of the Jedi Ending

Alternative Return of the Jedi Ending

Meme I found on the Internet. Way too funny! “Mesa called Jar Jar Binks!”



Hoth gets Legoed

Hoth gets Legoed

Do Legos get cold?

Can a Political Minority Ever Become the Majority?

Not too long ago, when Ron Paul first ran for President, those in the freedom mindset were in a minority, made fun of and politically destroyed. Ron Paul ran in 2008, and took off. Why? Because, he received opposition. Those who receive opposition attract the attention of many people who would never of noticed if the person had just been talking to the wall. This opposition took him to the debates, and in those debates, he publicly crushed the fake, conservative, status quo candidates before millions.

rp-jedi-knightA great example of this would be Thomas E. Woods book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History. It would of been one of those awesome books that would only have been read by some bookworm professors, if at all, and totally ignored. Instead, it was “debunked” by pointing out that it was different. All this did was make it a New York Times bestseller, awakening many to the strange, but true, facts of history.

Now, freedom, nullification and Austrian Economics are more popular now then they ever were. Why is it that the minority view, held by a small remnant, the view that once ran against the status quo, though true, has received more attention now and is now nearly the majority view? Perhaps because people get tired of hearing half the truth, or none of the truth in some cases, and are starving for truth. When they hear it, they grab onto it. “Buy the Truth, and sell it not!” (Proverbs 23:23).


It’s Han!

It's Han!

Han shoots first… and poor Greedo didn’t stand a chance.


Han meets Indiana Jones

Han meets Indiana Jones

What am I seeing? Random Pic.

RIP Star Wars Expanded Universe


RIP Star Wars Expanded Universe. So, the new Star Wars movies are going to start long after the current films and the extended universe. So much for all the wishful thinking. More detail in the link!


Run Luke, Run!

Run Luke, Run!

Darth Vader is hot on their trail! Random Pic.
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