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Prokaryotes – Incredibly Diverse

12668156-bacteria-and-bacterium-cells-floating-in-microscopic-spaceProkaryotes are amazing diverse creatures. They can live in almost any habitat, create and receive their energy in many different ways, and much more. Some are even predators.

First, I will talk about their habitats. They live in many different habitats; some live in extremely salty conditions (9% for one), and many live in extreme heat, such as black smokers (more detail here), and geothermal vents (more detail here). They also create biofilms on your teeth (plaque) and on medical equipment. Some can only survive in areas with no oxygen, and others require oxygen to live. Others live on animals and people, helping the host through symbiosis to carry out its body functions, such as digestion.

Prokaryotes can obtain nutrition multiple ways. First, it could wander around and eat dead cells or even prey on live ones, but this method is in the minority. The most common method is the creation of usable energy through photosynthesis or the use of other minerals, like sulfur, to create usable energy for the prokaryote.

I’m not even scratching the surface; there is so much info and data out there on prokaryotes and all forms of cells. Without them, we would probably not be around today, as we depend so much upon them for food and the ability to get food from the environment.


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  1. You hooked me and now I want to know more! Like what can we do to encourage them?

    January 9, 2014 at 4:38 pm

    • There are two areas we can encourage them. First, is using them to encourage our own bodily health. The bacteria in our digestive tract help us to break down and digest a lot of our food, which is why I said that we need them to get food from the environment. The other way would be to not use deadly chemicals in our environment to kill them, and instead incorporate them into our agriculture and environmental cleanup and landfills.

      I will address the first idea, then the second. Our mood and emotions and our very health depend on bacteria in general (that includes prokaryotes). The saying, “You are what you eat,” is so true. If we eat food that has little or no nutrient value, we’re starving the bacteria, and starving ourselves. Our health plummets, and our mood and spiritual, emotional being feels depressed. The solution isn’t drugs; its a healthy, balanced life-style, coupled with exercise. Everyone is different; but one thing I will say is that taking a probiotic, which is an assortment of healthy bacteria.

      Now, about encouraging them in our environment. If we have a healthy Earth, with a healthy population of animals, and organisms, from earthworms to prokaryotes, coupled with an truly natural, Organic way of growing, we should be able to keep not only all of Earth healthy, but our ourselves as well.

      FACT: Our mouth sustains more bacteria than the entire worlds population. 🙂

      January 10, 2014 at 5:02 pm

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