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Thomas Aquinas and the Fourteenth Century Scholastics

Thomas Aquinas, one of the greatest of the Scholastics, strove to reconcile faith and reason. His 8,500,000 words in defense or in review of the Christian faith or of the Scriptures speak on to this day.

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Thomas Aquinas Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas, great theologian and Scholastic philosopher, took up the sword of reason and wielded it in defense of the Christian faith. His goal was to prove that faith can be supported by reason, and that they’re in harmony with one another.

A few of his arguments in defense of there being an all powerful, all good, all wise God, Lord over all, go as follows.

  • Imagine that there is a stick and rock, and you want to push the rock. Well, you can use your hand to actualize the stick, which can then go over to the rock and move it. But, you realize that your hand isn’t moving on its own; it itself is being set into motion by other forces, such as the muscles and nerves in your arm. But your arm is being set in motion by your brain and still more muscles and…

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