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Alternative Return of the Jedi Ending

Alternative Return of the Jedi Ending

Meme I found on the Internet. Way too funny! “Mesa called Jar Jar Binks!”



Robot Chicken: Jar Jar Returns

Nooooo… Jar Jar becomes a Force ghost after Anakin Skywalker thought he did us all a favor. 😦

(Note: I don’t recommend Adult Swim or all of that channels Robot Chicken videos, I didn’t watch all of them because of some profanity or other vulgar stuff in some of them or their titles. However, this one was hilarious, and so I thought I’d share it.) 🙂


Jar Jar is Served.

Jar Jar is Served.

“Mesa called Jar Jar Binks.” Well, stick a fork in him, he’s done.


Jar Jar Dies

In a deleted scene from the Phantom Menace, Jar Jar Binks finally pays for his stupidity.