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Foreign Aid: Is it making anything better?

Enduring FreedomOur government handed out $54.5 in foreign aid in the year 2012. This aid goes to many countries; even to our supposed enemies. But, does foreign aid make anything any better for the government or the people of those countries receiving aid?

First we’ll deal with the governments. We start out with a harsh, tyrannical regime, in, lets say, Egypt. Our government hands millions and perhaps billions to the Egyptian government, for free. No directions on how to use the money, or anything. Do you think any money will get to the poor and oppressed? No way! Instead, the money will either be used to strengthen the regime by bribing political figures domestically or in other countries or by increasing their military, or even to buy votes among the already wealthy citizenry. The poor get nearly nothing from the government. The aid only managed to stifle whatever aid there would have been from the country giving the regime money. In fact, even food given to a regime is only resold in local markets to civilians capable of buying it. Very little, if at all, gets to the poor and needy.


Now, lets deal with the needy themselves. Lets say that they do receive the aid. Are they going to be any more likely to try to improve their situation? Why should they, if they can live comfortably at other people’s expense! Why should they grow food to support themselves? Why should they earn a living? They already get what they need.

Lets try to see what happens if the President woke up one morning and cancelled all foreign aid, but not only that, gave the money back to the tax-payers by lowering their taxes. Imagine what a difference that would make! People would have X more dollars to invest in what interests them. The economy would become that much more productive, and then, when a random person, who has benefited along with the benefited economy, hears about starving people in Kenya, he isn’t just going to assume the government is going to increase aid to that country, or that the U.N. is going to intervene between a regime and the people. He is going to try to help, more than likely, by giving to an organization that is there, on the scene, trying to make people’s lives better. There are many instances of private aid that didn’t involve bribing regimes in other countries, and that have had tremendous success in places like the Philippines.

So, we don’t need the State to go intervene in other people’s affairs. And, besides, why should the government stick a gun to one person’s head, steal that person’s money, and then go hand it to some other person? Why can’t the first person give the money instead, without using violence or the threat of violence to achieve that same goal?


The Evils of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property lightbulb head copySo, I invent the ultimate mouse trap that will eliminate every rogue mouse roaming the houses of the world, leaving mice to the only thing they’re good for; display in either museums or in a zoo. I pack up my design and take it to a producer for further testing and production, when, suddenly, everything is stopped. Some lawyer in a suit and tie tells you, officially, that Mr. Big Corp had already patented the mouse trap. No one else could make or even improve the original mouse trap without asking Mr. Big Corp. And, if you tried, you would have everything you own taken from you to satisfy Mr. Big Corp. So, once again, you head back for your laboratory, despairing, hoping that your next invention wasn’t copyrighted, well, out of existence.

Now we come to the crux of the matter. Can ideas be owned?

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You all know how much I love to play Minecraft. Well, using Mine-imator, I’ve been making cool pictures, and here is one of my most recent ones. Have fun, and ride on!

Nearer My God to Thee

Great song from the Piano Guys. I recommend you subscribe! They’ve got a lot of fun videos. 🙂

Dave's Blog

A great rendition of Nearer My God to Thee. Definitely worth watching!

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Property Rights as a Clarification of Human Rights

Stephen's School Blog

In today’s universe, people are suffering from a distortion of terms, all in the name of political correctness. People say they support human rights; the right to life, the right to self-defense, the right of free-speech… but, suddenly, lines can seem to get a little blurred. Do people have the right of free-speech in a theater? In a mall? Or on anyone’s private property?

Lets look at this from the viewpoint of the “right to property.” Who owns the local theater? The shopping mall? The people who own that mall or theater. Thus, the people making the decisions are the people who own the property. Its not about “your right to this or that”, its about respecting other people’s property rights, and them respecting yours. You DO have the right to free speech with your property! If you have your own newspaper, you can publish your thoughts freely. No…

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The Ron Paul Curriculum (Performed at a Liberty Meeting)

Perrissa's 9th Grade School Blog

Here is my big 10th Speech. I was nervous, but I think I did a pretty good job overall. I stumbled a few times. 😛

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The Creeper (Creepus Explodus)

The Creeper (Creepus Explodus)

Ever wondered what a Creeper looked like… on the inside? Or what its thinking process was? This explains it all!