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The Early Spread of Christianity in England

How Christianity first came to England.

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Shortly after the Emperor Claudius added a big slice of what is now England to the Roman Empire, Christianity began to spread; slowly, as Christians moving around the Empire found their way to the lonely isle that guarded the Empire’s northern Atlantic frontier. But, as the Empire was bombarded by the Barbarians of Southern and Eastern Europe, the Roman Legions withdrew from Britain to defend the now vulnerable Rome. The Britains, who had not fought for centuries, were now forced to face the brunt of the savage Pics and Scots from the untamed North, and the migrating tribes of the Continent. They hired the Angles and the Saxons to protect them from the invaders; but they had only invited the wolf into the pasture. In a few years they had driven out or killed the helpless natives, and had divided up the territory into kingdoms. Some did escape, and brought…

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