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Source of Human Rights

What, or who, is the source of Human Rights?

Now we’re talking. This is for all those who deny others their natural born rights (getting ahead of myself) like pro-choicers and tyrants alike. I’m going to address a few possible sources of human rights; the state or other men (i.e., the U.N., local governments, democracy), or the God of the Bible.

If the state or democracy granted us Human Rights, that would mean that they could go away; in other words, there would be no human rights. There would be whatever society thinks is OK. There needs to be somebody above fallible man, in order for us to have true, solid, human rights. Because, who defines the right to life? Who defines the right to free speech? Who defines the right to worship God freely? Who defines the right to self defense? If its the state, then they can say that you have the right to defend yourself in certain circumstances, but not in others, or you have the right to live when your young, but not when you’re old.


Tyrants like Adolf Hitler; they thrived from the destruction of human rights.

These rights I just mentioned are all going away… because men and women are slowly changing in their minds who they believe grants us Human Rights. When this country was founded, it was God, the God of the Bible; the rights were derived from sources like the Ten Commandments, which is fast disappearing this country’s governments and schools.


Creator God grants us Human Rights

If God grants us Human Rights, then they are then unable to be taken away by other men, without breaking the moral code of God. Lets say that someone was walking down the street, and I stick a gun in his face; if the rights are given by God, and I shoot, I didn’t take away his right to life; I violated it. However, if man gives those rights, and I shoot someone, I was just fulfilling natural selection, killing those who couldn’t fend for themselves, and thus had no right to life. Same with the unborn. The baby has no defense but its mother. Refusing to shelter it is not only refusing, but violating its divinely granted right to life.But, because man wants to be God, and they want power over others, they are trying to shift power away from God, and into their own hands. Unless we acknowledge that God is the giver of Human Rights, there soon won’t be any.

may the truth be with you


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