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Booker T. Washington and Social Acceptance

All men “are created equal.” I believe this from the bottom of my heart, and so did Booker T. Washington, and he explains this in his book, Up From Slavery. He believed, as do I, that racism destroys the character of not only the oppressor, but the oppressed. Not only does the oppressed feel strongly hostile to the oppressor, but the oppressor looks down on the oppressed. Even nowadays, there is still a sort of racism; some of the black population of the U.S. looks down at whites, and some of the white population stay away from the blacks and sneer back. This retards society as a whole; for, instead of of us all working together, we have some people fighting each other; a sort of race war, that is only being encouraged by movies and social media.


Booker T. Washington speaks very strongly about working your way up; becoming someone respected through the work of your hands. This is important. You can’t force someone else to appreciate you; you need to earn his respect through proving that you are worthy of his appreciation. Instead of using the power of the state to increase your wealth by taking it away from those who created it, you need to earn your own wealth, create your own capital. Have something that people need, and distribute it efficiently. This is how you earn respect in a free society. A free society has no bias based on race or color, unless encouraged, but, in a truly free society, this will not be the case. Of course, there will be some people like that, but, overall, the society will be looking for people to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and carry society two rungs at a time up that ladder of progress.

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