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Arguments Against Slavery


Booker T. Washington, in his book, Up From Slavery, describes what he remembers of the slave system and how it affected both the slaves and their owners after the war, and after the slaves in the South were freed. He had some interesting arguments against slavery. Not that it was cruel, not that it made the owner class, in this case, the whites, rich, even though the wealth was in the hands of the white class: but that it destroyed the work ethic of both races involved! It also encouraged theft from their owners, and any relationship structures that were existent among the slaves were, in most cases, damaged, or non-existent. On top of that, it encouraged the owner class to look down on the slave class, and such thought continued for a while after the war. By using these types of arguments, he is taking us off the beaten path of common arguments against slavery: he is revealing how it hurt the character of all involved, and how, and then he leaves it up to you whether you think slavery should continue, or not. Its hard to argue with him, even if you wanted to!


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