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Savings: They are so important!

Piggy Bank

Do you have a piggy bank? Did you ever have a piggy bank? Or any method of saving money? I used the envelope system when I was younger, so I fit into this category. However, if you did not save when you were young, or you did save but then spent it all (believe me, I did that too), then this is for you!

If your piggy bank looked like the one pictured above, either in real life or your imagination, you were lucky; I mean, LUCKY. Most of us either think or know that our piggy banks looked more like this:


However, what most of us don’t understand is that we usually are the  ones that cause this to occur. We usually take a hammer to our piggy banks, either physically or digitally in today’s modern world of the internet and computer databases. That credit card; sure racked up interest rates. That’s why I am very wary of credit cards, and not only don’t have one but plan on never using one in the future. BTW, I am not talking about credit! Keeping your credit high is important to thriving in the modern world.

piggy bank (1)

We also spend a lot of small stuff: that coffee you buy everyday at Starbucks; or, if you’re like some people I know, and can’t stand Starbucks, then you usually buy a shake or some other enjoyable beverage regularly. For a lot of teens, that means soda or energy drinks like Monster Energy. Luckily, I don’t fit in that category, but I am guilty of buying shakes. Fortunately, my shake buying has dropped significantly, and I plan on taking it down even further, since my Youth Group activities and other occasions take more from my budget than I’d like.

So, remember; spend less on the small stuff, and re-access on the big stuff. You DO NOT need to buy that Xbox One right now! You don’t need to buy that bag of chips; you’ll forget you wanted them after a few minutes, or, if you are really hungry, remind yourself that it isn’t going to fill you any. Save the money to buy your dinner instead.

And, in time, you’ll see money falling all around you; just save and keep saving! Even if you don’t have a piggy bank, you can still keep on saving.


Remember, as Mikey says on his channel, “Spend wisely, and save, even more wisely!”


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