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Is it possible to have State Subsidies without State Control?

If I gave you two hundred dollars right now, you would probably think I want something from you. You would probably hand the money back, and say, “Whats the catch, dude?” Maybe if I put a hat on, that had an official looking badge on it, and then, I handed you the money. You’d probably look at me and say, “Free money?”


However, there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you get money, the government can eventually push for you to do what it wants by saying it will only give you money if you have two or less children (even more if you have none), if you live in a small house in the city, if you vote for Mr. Socialist next election. Corruption flourishes in such a society. Socialism has never worked like they want us to think it’ll work. Money is second only to power; money is only the means to the end. Giving money to an individual is just as much a bribe as giving it to a foreign country; in both cases, the country or individual falls in line to do what they are told to do. Instead of calling it bribing and plunder, they call it subsidies, charity, and student loans. “Thou shalt not steal” cannot have “except by the government” added to it.


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