Amazing. Stuff. Stuph.

This world is MINE! (Still)

So I’m crafting in Minecraft, which I also is a major part of what I’m supposed to be doing; it makes the “mine” part possible.


I decide that, since I have a bunch of arrows, and tons of redstone, and unlimited access to string (I have a few openings into abandoned mineshafts), I decided to test out some sort of defense system using buttons and/or switches, a redstone block and redstone wiring, to see if I could hit stuff to pass the time. It worked marvelously. I decided to put a bunch of arrows in and let it rip! I pummeled the wall, and I had about worn out the switch (mentally) when I decided to collect all those arrows and depart back to my house to return to the usual Minecraft pursuits, when suddenly, my heart stopped. My characters arms flew up in the shock that it could sense from my stressed punches on the keyboard of my laptop. For low and behold, the arrows were not there. I looked all over for them. Punched up the blocks of the wall, hoping they had just glitched and penetrated the gravel. Surely I’d find them. I finally realized the awful fact. I was playing on a multiplayer server, and they clear all ground mobs and items every five minutes. I had been playing with the dispenser for more then ten. The arrows were gone forever. Forever.


Well, I have a few more choices I could make:

1. NEVER PLAY MULTI-PLAYER AGAIN!!!! (not all multi-player acts up like that though!)

2. Hoard my arrows like gold. (which I tend to not hoard.)

3. Never mess with redstone or use a dispenser.

4. Simply be more careful next time. Maybe collect every arrow right after I shoot it. I’ll get really hungry, but a little rotten flesh might do every once in a while. Or just not play that sort of game.

At this time, the decision is yours! You all probably have faced something similar; maybe not in multi-player, but you’ve all died and lost a bunch of diamonds or valuable food, or whatever. What did you do in those situations?


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