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Essay on Personal Finance

 Yes, I have found myself “chronically short on cash” a few times before I started my school year, and more specifically the Ron Paul Curriculum Personal Finance Course. A milkshake here, a whole laptop there (I haven’t done that in a while!) and a candy bar there. The only thing that saved me from the massive landslide of small spending was my Mom!
 Thus, most of my spending was on small stuff, though I did have some self-control and saved for things I deemed more important: a laptop and the Minecraft game. Maybe one of the biggest lessons I can learn from the above course is to re-prioritize. The same goes for my time.
 As I’ve been thinking, I realize that the things I can do to reduce my spending is to reduce the amount that I can spend on small items to $5 a month, and place 50% of the money I get to long-term/emergency savings. If any of you guys have more specific ideas, comment! I’d love to hear your ideas.

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