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The Rise and Fall of a Republic

My favorite movies happen to be in the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Trilogies. What makes them so cool? They seem to take real life and let us see life in a different, stunningly real way, in such a way that we immediately want to fall in step with the characters and battle their battles with them. But why is this article titled, “The Rise and Fall of a Republic”, and why am I bringing popular movies into the picture?


Galactic Republic Emblem

In Star Wars, what did the galaxy start the trilogies with? A Republic. (a civil institution of government where the rights of the minority are protected against the majority) The story goes beyond the movies, however. We find that the Republic began to fall apart before we come to the movie, The Phantom Menace. You have a government trying to deal with a populace crazed by war. Because the Republic is too hard to run, the Sith are able to turn certain systems away from being part of a thriving Republic and forming their own Empire, and are labeled Seperatists by the Republic.


The Eye of Sauron

In The Lord of the Rings, Sauron wants to bring Middle Earth under his iron-fist. Using dark magic and deceit, he tricks elven-smiths into teaching him the secret of their ring making long before the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy in the Silmarilion. Using his ill-gotten knowledge, he forms the One Ring, to rule the others. Blinded by his greed for power, the Witch King of Angmar is also deceived, and takes one of Sauron’s new rings for himself, and falls under the shadow of evil. So are other kings of men, and new terror’s are created: The Ring Wraiths, or the Nazgul. He takes form as the Necromancer after his defeat in the great battle of the Last Alliance, and corrupts Greenwood, which is renamed Mirkwood. After the Hobbit, Sauron sets himself up as Lord Sauron in Mordor, and begins drawing evil to himself to prepare for the conquest of Middle Earth.


White House, Washington, U.S.

Is this becoming a modern Coruscant under the control of a few elite? I thought this was governement “by the people, and for the people.”

Why bring the stories in? Because they help paint a picture of real life. Our Republic was founded on fundamental principles. With the rising War on Drugs and War on Terror, our freedoms have been being stolen away by elected officials and bureaucrats alike in Washington in the name of Security. In the Silmarilion, Sauron corrupts the Numenorians and makes them serve him by corrupting them from within. He makes them destroy themselves. The same fate occurred in history to the Romans. Shall we suffer the same fate? Shall we, the last beacon of freedom, be subdued by the spirit of tyranny? Not on my watch.


In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Tatooine is a police state run by stormtroopers who serve the Empire, not the people. Are we going to allow our land to be under the tread of tyrants? For what purpose? To what end? What about my generation? What about the generations after?


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